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[service title=”Website Development” icon=”https://globalidentities.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mark.jpg” size=”20″][spacer size=”14″]First impressions are lasting impressions. We help clients deliver identities worth remembering. We offer Web Design, Site Enhancements, Maintenance, Graphic Design, Image Editing, Hosting (traditional – cloud), SEO, E-Commerce, Database Management, Domain Names, and many other services.[/service]
[fancy_link color=”#f85d36″ float=”right” link=”https://globalidentities.com/services/comprehensive-web-development/”]Want to learn more? [/fancy_link]
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[service title=”Mobile Technology” icon=”https://globalidentities.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mark.jpg” size=”20″][spacer size=”14″]Mobile technology through Phone Applications and Mobile Websites. We make it possible for organizations to Share your Information with the world. Promote programs, donations, volunteers, memberships, events, educational activities, event planning, new arrivals, etc. We can help get your word out NOW! [/service][fancy_link color=”#f85d36″ float=”right” link=”https://globalidentities.com/pages/mobile-devices/”]Let’s go mobile! [/fancy_link]
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[service title=”Custom Development” size=”20″ icon=”https://globalidentities.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mark.jpg”][spacer size=”14″]We offer custom programming and development solutions created to fit each customers’ unique requirements by utilizing new technologies as well as proven sound methodologies. Web Application programming and CMS portals (WordPress, Drupal, Adobe, Joomla! Expression Engine, SilverStripe and more). [/service]
[fancy_link color=”#f85d36″ float=”right” link=”https://globalidentities.com/services/development-solutions/”]What can we build for you? [/fancy_link]
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Welcome to Global Identities.
Where great design, seamless integration and flawless implementation is a work of art.
Let us help define Your Global Identity!

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