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Immediately upon opening, the user is at “Command Central” enabling the user to quickly land on their area of interest. The section is designed to promote and market the organization attractions, features, and programs.

  • Eight large rotating images to spotlight the items currently being promoted
  • Current temperature
  • Visitor Information button allows user to quickly obtain directions, entrance fees, hours and more
  • Additional quick access buttons may include donations, ticketing, gift shops, etc.
  • Unique Camera is a delightful tool – custom branded photo frames
  • Social Network enables users to immediately share information found on the app
  • Users can share personal exciting experiences throughout the day
  • Selection carousels manage promotion/articles/information pages on the Home and Event sections
  • Carousel images allows for ample opportunities to promote activities, events, and features
  • Main navigation tabs provide quickly access to/from the apps sections (Note: The tabs are configurable to the requirements of the organization), example:
    • Home – Top level section
    • Events – learn about all events, add them to the planner and receive event reminder notices
    • Map – GPS displays a beautifully illustrated map with the users location and other selectable features
    • Org section contains the primary collection of what the organization has to offer or promote
    • More – a configurable section to expand information about the organization, includes photo/movie gallery
Detailed information pages are universal throughout the app, rich with available features, accessed in all main sections and sub-sections, and in the More section.

  • Large main image to please all viewers and convey message of page
  • A submit button located at the top of the page can be assigned for adoption, donations, support, or other interactive purpose
  • Retractable Option Bar for text size increase/decrease, planner entry, and sharing
  • Audio recording or message
  • Movie clip
  • Map locator (opens map, shows location with identification banner)
  • Text content plus in-content images
  • Panoramic images
  • Hyper-linking text
  • Insert graphics and fancy page-break lines
  • PDF viewer with download feature
  • Internal linking within the App
  • External linking to websites (without leaving the App)
  • Send Email or make phone call without leaving the App)
  • Sponsor recognition insertion – at the orgs discretion
  • Optional advertising (paid and non-paid) insertion

The Global Identities Camera is designed to use some of the important features of the iPhone 5. Paramount, the camera offers branded photo-frames with the ability to shot without them.

  • Users can choose from up to five custom branded photo frames overlays when snapping their shot
  • The Camera section also includes the ability to take movies
  • Users can immediately or anytime share a photo with friends, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter
  • Facial recognition greatly enhances portraits and group shots
  • Users can “Tap to Focus”
  • Users can “Touch to Change Exposure”

Rotation of up to 8 large images promoting Events. Images can be linked to detailed information page.

  • Expandable: Section can expand to promote a vast number of events and venues, or easily scale to a few
  • Events can be categorized if abundant in number or similar in type
  • One-click access to Planner or Calendar
  • Information page includes: large image, map location, movie, audio and Share options
  • Request info via email or call with questions directly from information page
  • Distinction made between Events (special occasions, seasonal affairs, fund raisers, etc.) and Activities (tours, chats, shows, encounters, educational, etc)
  • Review and select an event using the carousel
  • Easily select event and add to your planner

Calendar displays as a Month at a glance with daily markers indicating planned activity or event. Planner stores user selected items to see/do/visit/attend.

  • Calendar:
  • Select day of your visit to see entire list of Zoo activities/events for that day
  • Select any day in the future with red dot to see list of activities/events
  • Calendar page includes a month/year button matrix to jump to a specific month and year


  • Planner:
  • Add key events or “must see/do” activities to planner with just a click
  • Planner lists Events and Activities with brief info including an immediate link to review item(s) in full detail
  • Events listed in the Planner display a reminder notice four days before the event
  • Delete Planner items directly from the planner, or from the information page
  • Quickly toggle between events and activities list
  • Activities color coded to make viewing easier
  • Planner is self cleansing as past events and date specific activities are automatically purged and deleted off users planner
The beautifully illustrated GPS interactive map displays users location, marked location, Orgs service locations, Special orientation feature to rotate map so it aligns with the property. Using the “Search” function, users can also search the extensive database and “Near ME” locations.

  • Interactive GPS map – shows users location
  • 5 levels of zoom
  • Map exclusive to org’s property
  • Unique map orientation feature – aligns GPS map with the property. No more confusion about which way to walk!
  • Ability to turn GPS off to conserve battery life
  • Services menu to quickly show map location for: Food & Drink, First-Aid, Gift Shops, Restrooms, Water Fountains…
  • Users can mark current location and enable return navigation assistance to return to exact spot – useful for finding parked car or meeting area to reconvene with friends and family
  • Looking for something? Users type in keyword to find full list of results which are click-able for details or map location
  • Users press “Near Me” button to see entire list of items within an set radius
Is the main portal to the organizations’ operations. Be it a Zoo, Park, Museum, Conservation, Entertainment, Faith, or any entity requiring the robust features of this application. This section presents the complete list of the operations or programs for the user to select.

  • Topic expansion opportunities are available based on the number of topics
  • Promote education, awareness, family oriented activities, exhibits, attractions…
  • All items displayed in a tabulated structure for quick access to the information page
  • Categories and sub-categories are organized by Tabs
    • For example Zoos:
    • Animals (Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, etc.
    • Exhibits (Theme oriented locations)
    • Attractions (Merry-go-Round, Rock-climb wall, etc.
    • Activities (Education, Tours, Keeper Chats, etc.)
    • Need to add other topics…
  • Capable of containing large collections without compromising on app responsiveness.
  • All information pages include the Option Bar for increasing/decreasing text, Planner entry where applicable, and Sharing via FB, Twitter or Email
  • All multimedia features incorporated into information pages
  • Map location button quickly interacts with GPS map
  • Quickly add points of interest, programs, etc. to planner to be used as a guide or reference
  • Expansion opportunities available for audio tours or presentations

Designed to highlight areas important to the Organization.

  • Five standard topics included: -Social Network, Visitor Information, Photo Gallery, Movies and User Guide
  • More can be populated with 21 “top level” topics
  • “Top level” can contain sub-topics for additional levels of information
  • Add Organization history with images
  • Focus benefits of Organization Membership and offer immediate signup/transaction
  • Promote conservation activities with information about every program
  • Promote/offer support campaigns and fund raising activities
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Highlight and acknowledge corporate and personal sponsors
  • Promote Special Event Planning: Weddings, Parties, Picnics, Corporate meetings/events, etc.
  • Include Privacy Policy
  • Custom or Special feature programming is available
  • E-commerce integration programming available